In-Depth Post #6

Unfortunately, due to cadets and the garage sale, I have been unable to work on my in depth at all these last two weeks.

What can you do?

Knowing that, and the fact that I still have multiple practices, the provincial drill competition in Victoria, a band competition, normal cadet nights and the practice hikes, I am starting to doubt that I will be able to gain the parts for a robot and program it in time for in-depth night (I haven’t been able to sleep in since spring break).  So I think I need some kind of backup plan that I can do reasonably fast with what I have. My mentor sent me some online books for programming on different programming projects and I think I just might do those.

Obviously since I only have one bread board and micro controller, I am limited to one project, but which one? The PDF included many projects like and LED morse code translator to a virtual trumpet using pressure pads and a speaker. At this point I really am not sure what I could do for the night but I think something interactive or actually useful would be suitable. Also, I obviously have to do something mildly simple as I do not have the time to order parts, I have to work with what I have and can buy locally.

One of the more interesting projects is an automatic tweeter for essentially whatever you want. Im not kidding, anything, for example I can make a twitter account for my dads coffee brewer and find out when I get home when the coffee will be ready. I can do this by registering a twitter app through, then it can tell me some values when I hook it up thought the coffee machine and my laptop. It sounds pretty interesting and I could even serve coffee through my program. Not bad, and if I really wanted I could make an automatic tweeter for my socials, whenever someone comments on my tweets or something. Just and idea.

Another thing I could do is a “mood” activated crystal ball. It takes a plastic ball wired with assorted LED’s on  the inside to display different colors. Then with the specific heat sensors it will change the color of the ball, supposedly displaying you “mood.” It is pretty interactive and I think people will find it mildly intersting.

My ideas and I.

Either way I will figure something out in time for in-depth night. To be fair I think I kind of set myself up for this, but now I know not to pick something so demanding for next year!


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