Honore Mirabeau: Putting the Assembly on My Back

As much as I care about money, I care about my morals and reputation more. I think it is safe to say that I need to cut my ties with the king as an operative. I have already rose to the top of the National Assembly and I cannot risk getting caught at this point. I have done so much for the Assembly, I have even become the president of the Assembly! I foresaw great danger at the Bastille and essentially saved their butts from destruction and a completely unnecessary war, I convinced the king to not dissolve the assembly and I essentially single handedly drafted the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen.

Saving the assembly ‘aint easy!

Recently the king was booted from the throne and is under trial. Wow did this guy mess up. I gave him plenty of advice regarding what he should have done. It was a miracle they didn’t kill him on the spot when they found out he was fleeing! I was his adviser In 1790, I he had just listened to me he could at least retain his position right now, but he is too stubborn to recognize his faults.

Lately my chest has been pounding like mad, I doubt I will live on much longer considering my condition. Until then I will do as much as I can before I… Well yeah.

Mirabeau out.





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