Honore Mirabeau: Still More Honore Than You

Holy crap they ended up finding my letters to the king. Well, should’ve burn them. But what can you do am I right? And oooh man, they are digging up my body from the Pantheon! “Hey, leave that alone, uh, ummmm, dammit.” What, now who is that? Marat? “PUT ME BACK, MY INTENTIONS WERE GOOD I SWEAR!” Never mind, this is a lost cause.

Man did this whole revolution blow by. So much has been changed and while this was supposedly for the better, having the whole monarchy system swapped around, I think the way that we dealt with it was rather excessive. Like, just relate to Robespierre.

Just look at this smug grin.
Just look at this smug grin.

Just look into the eyes of this man and tell me that he even gave a damn about France from the start. Anyways if we even want these changes to be remotely relevant or profitable, we will have to recover from all of this mess. France definitely has a lot of work to do. Well, luckily not me, I’m dead of course.

I think the most significant thing that will determine the development of France is The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen. Come on, people have even noted it as the “the incarnation of the revolution as a whole.” Which might I add that I essentially single handedly drafted. With all honesty I think it actually has the potential to shape France. But of course it was not the only thing I did for the people.

This beauty.

I think I served my part in this revolution well. Even though the beginning wasn’t the best start, and  how they somehow ended up finding my letters to the king, I think I still served France good. Yet somehow, once I die France just collapses. I essentially guided the Assembly when I became president, I ensured everyone’s safety and made sure nothing would get out of hand. Then I died and there was no one to maintain my legacy. Sure there was no one who could possibly fill my shoes, but you cant just have not have a leader!  Because then people like Robespierre come in and just stomp France.

Whatever, in the end I just care that France is now in order and finally progressing. Who would have known, I essentially transformed myself through this revolution. To think that people legitimately despised me for my unfavorable morals and all of  my crimes and what not, to becoming a national hero and single handedly saving France from terror on multiple occasions.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

“We weep the loss of Mirabeau”


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